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1. Security

Our complete security system means that you will enjoy peace of mind whether you’re present or absent from the resort. All Polaris World resorts include a common feature, security. In addition to our passive and active security systems, the residential buildings are within a closed perimeter, controlled by 24-hour security personnel. This has allowed us to create a resort, which is more open and family orientated, relaxing and comfortable. Polaris World offers the ultimate in all year round tranquillity for you and your family, where pure pleasure is experienced as nowhere else.

2. Golf
Jack Nicklaus. Sounds familiar? A legend as a professional golf player and now known as the most prestigious course designer in the world. Polaris World employs the services of his company, Nicklaus Design in the designing of many of its courses. Can you imagine a magnificent golf course right on your doorstep? A fantastic clubhouse that is just a short stroll away. What a better way to start your day.

3. Plant Life
In order to illustrate; Mar Menor Golf Resort, our least extensive resort will have more than 3,500 trees, palm trees, carobs, olive trees, rubber plants, jacarandas and more than 100,000m2 dedicated as gardens.

The Polaris Company, Polaris Garden has more than 35,000 trees ready to be planted in the resorts. These include elegant palm trees, hundred-year-old olive trees, spectacular specimens brought over from countries such as Egypt, Argentina, Tunisia and Israel; all to make your way of life so much more attractive.

4. Leisure
Imagine waking up in the morning and enjoying a delicious breakfast served in your home by a member of our catering team, walking to the clubhouse and playing on an 18-hole course with your friends and then going for a swim in one of the many heated pools in the afternoon. Enjoy delicious paella or some fantastic fish fresh from the Mediterranean in our speciality restaurant. Rest, or play a game of tennis with your family, relax with an unbelievable massage in our spa and then celebrate the outcome of the morning’s game with a Guinness at one of the Pubs. Satisfaction guaranteed for you and your family. All your dreams will come true, without leaving the resort.

5. Price
There are price plans to suit every pocket. Thanks to the wide range of homes Polaris has to offer, you can enjoy a magnificent apartment on the very edge of our Nicklaus Design gold course from 130,000 Euros or if you would prefer a marvellous villa from 190,000 Euros. We also have luxury mansions of up to 1,200,000 on El Valle golf Resort for you to choose from.

6. Services
It is just a few days until you go on holiday and you don’t have to worry about a thing. With just a single phone call to Polaris Services we can have your home in perfect condition for your arrival. We will offer a housekeeping service, gardening grocery delivery and any other assistance you may require. Polaris Services aim to make everything as trouble-free as possible, so you can spend maximum amounts of time on what you enjoy doing best.

7. Accessibility
Polaris resorts are not far away. Alicante and Murcia international airports are only 45 and 10 minutes respectively from the furthest away of our resorts. With over twenty daily flights from abroad to these airports you are never far from a Polaris resort. Likewise Spain’s up to date motorway network links our resorts to the capital of Murcia, Cartagena and the other provincial capitals, quickly and efficiently.

8. Town Centre

At the heart of our resorts, lies the “Town Centre”, little villages where you will find all the essential ingredients for a successful holiday; supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, swimming pools, sports clubs, etc.

9. Urban Planning
Are you familiar with Florida or California? Those vast open spaces, wide avenues, bordered by plant life and flowerbeds, homes that are not tightly packed together, where it seems impossible not to be content.
Polaris World has the collaboration of EDSA, one of the most important town planning and landscaping company in the United States. EDSA is helping to develop the global concept of all the Polaris urbanizations.

You will feel like you are in Florida, but with all the atmosphere and flavour of the Spanish Mediterranean.

10. Architecture
Just take a look at the pictures and judge for yourselves.



11. The Region of Murcia
Between Alicante and Andalucia, in the purest of the Spanish Mediterranean quarters, lies the region of Murcia with 235 Km of coastline, 315 days of sunshine per year and an annual average temperature of 21. Murcia has all the best aspects of southern Spain to offer, but with one very important distinction, it does not suffer from the high building density that has already taken up much of the Spanish coast. Discover all the flavours and traditions still alive in our people and culture.

12. Your money is insured
Polaris World insures the sum of money paid on your home through certified bankers and guaranteed by major Spanish banks. It is our wish to give you tranquillity and peace of mind.

13. Polaris World Club
When you buy a home in one of the Polaris World Resorts, you will have the option of becoming a member of the Polaris World Club.

This allows you to enjoy all the facilities of the other Polaris World Resort developments. Imagine buying a house a La Torre Golf Resort and being able to enjoy the splendid gold course at El Valle Golf Resort, or the superb facilities of the Polaris Sports Centre. No other company, throughout the Mediterranean can offer this diversity of private amenities.

14. Quality
Polaris World is committed to providing the highest quality. In order to achieve this, we have concentrated on the following factors: Quality Urban Planning, landscaping, architecture and building; quality of service and in financing. Likewise, we have repeatedly chosen only the finest building materials and are building our properties to well over the average standard.

15. The Hotel
Polaris has signed an agreement with the prestigious Intercontinental hotel group, to manage the three hotels that we are building on the Mar Menor, La Torre and El Valle Golf Resorts. Each one of these hotels will offer the highest 5 star service in an exclusive atmosphere which will include exquisite design, style and in harmony with the resort it resides. All this will without a doubt help contribute in creating the unique experience of living with a Polaris World resort.

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